Bako National Park (1D)

Bako National Park (1D)

Come see the many captivating sights of nature at Bako National Park!


This tour takes you to Bako National Park, a small yet interesting national park in Sarawak. The park showcases many natural wonders unique to Borneo, from breathtaking seafronts, complete with pristine beaches, to a wide range of rainforests and wildlife, all within its borders.

Your tour begins with a drive from Kuching towards Kampung Bako, where a boat awaits to take you to Bako National Park. Relax and enjoy the magnificient view of the sea and some of the spectacular rock formations as you enter the park.

There is so much to see and do at the park and you are only limited by your imagination. Try any of the many walking trails, which range from simple forest strolls to more challenging nature treks. Almost all of these trails offers stunning views of the park and its many beaches and bays. Do not be surprised if you encounter some of Borneo's unique inhabitants during your visit, as the park is home to many species of wildlife, including the proboscis monkey, bearded pigs and over 50 types of birds. If it takes your fancy, trek towards Tajor waterfalls and have a picnic there before you wrap up your day at the park.

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