Bau Fairy Cave (1D)

Bau Fairy Cave (1D)

An adventure awaits as you explore the mysterious caves of Sarawak!


This brief tour takes you on an exploration of two beautiful limestone caves, the Fairy Cave and the Wind Cave. These caves are the two main attractions of Bau, a former gold mining town just 22 kilometres from Kuching, and are offer some spectacular views of the natural underworld.

Your tour begins with your arrival at the Fairy Cave after a short drive from Kuching to Bau, a former gold mining town that was the site of a miners' rebellion in 1857. The cave takes its name from a stalagmite structure at the entrance that is said to resemble a Chinese deity, Kuan Yin. The cave's outer appearance is unassuming, but the view once you are inside this impressive cave is definitely worth the visit. The contrast between the light entering the cave and the shadowy darkness, along with hues of brown and grey of the rocks highlighted by the rich green of the moss offers many opportunities for the avid photographer.

Next up will be the Wind Cave, named after the constant cool breeze that blows throughout the cavern. Take the chance to observe the many swiftlets and bats that dwell within this large cave and relax besides a subterranean stream that runs through the cave as you enjoy a simple lunch in this wondrous natural underworld. Return to the surface at the end of your tour and return to Kuching.

Fairy Cave

Wind Cave

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