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August 5, 2009 at 7:11 pm

About an hour drive from KL sits Selangor’s only no-kill animal sanctuary: Furry Friends Farm. FFF is a non-profit NGO providing a home to about 100 dogs and 20 cats. In Malaysia, when stray animals get caught they will usually be put to sleep after a few weeks if nobody adopts them. At FFF all the animals find a safe shelter for the rest of their life.

A cat's-eye view.

A cat's-eye view.

The farm is trying to mimic the environment stray dogs and cats are used to living in without the unnecessary dangers, and with all the food they need. To a first time visitor the farm might look a little rugged but if you watch the animals for a while you will see that they are totally comfortable in this environment. Dogs are only kept in a fenced area if they have behavioral issues or if they need to get comfortable with their new situation when they first arrive. Most of the dogs can just stroll all over the farm and certainly enjoy doing this.

Cat on a hot wire roof.

Cat on a hot wire roof.

To keep the whole operation sustainable FFF has a strict “no anonymous drop offs’ policy. If you want a stray animal to find a new home at FFF you need to bring it in person, pay for a basic vet checkup and also pay 1RM per day for food. Besides paying the bills this policy also serves an educational purpose. One of FFF major goals is to raise more awareness about animal rights and issues. This is why FFF is always trying to start a dialog with people who bring animals to the farm.

Is it dinner time yet?

Is it dinner time yet?

The whole operation is run by volunteer workers. Sabrina Yeap, the founder of FFF spends all her spare time at the shelter. The ten current volunteers help to clean, feed, walk and entertain the animals. Anyone who has a dog or a cat at home can imagine that feeding more than 100 of them is no small task. Every day they have to cook 4 huge pots (each almost 1m in diameter) of rice, which is the main and preferred source of nutrition for the dogs. Cleaning the facilities and the animals itself is another time consuming task.

Available to a loving home.

Available to a loving home.

As FFF is a non-profit organization they are totally dependent on volunteers and donations. There are different ways to support the farm which are all very much appreciated. First of all giving a new home to one of the animals is the best way of helping the project. Another very helpful and rewarding method of support is coming and working on the farm on a regular basis. If you don’t have the time to commit to the project on a regular basis you could host a fund-raising event for the farm, many of which have helped to keep the operation running over the past 3 years. Last but not least, donations are a very helpful and appreciated way of supporting the project.

Shake paws.

Shake paws.

Short-term visitors to Malaysia can help too. If you are interested in doing some volunteer work during your stay in Malaysia, getting to know the real kampung (village) life and making some human and furry Malaysian friends, then contact Sabrina at yeapwen@yahoo.com. The farm is able to provide accommodation for volunteer workers in the village close to the farm.

-Furry Friends Farm website

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14 Responses

  1. Sofie says:

    Hi ! Is it possible to do some volounteering for you? Is there any nice hostel in the neighbourhood? We are coming to Thailand in a month, and will stay until dec. 15.

    Hope to hear from you! /Sofie.

  2. Ian P. says:

    Hi Sofie, yes it is possible to volunteer at Furry Friends Farm. Kindly contact yeapwen@yahoo.com for details.

  3. Christopher junior says:

    I just like the good work your doing i will to visit thanks

  4. Thanks for the good work

  5. sylvia says:

    Hi I am from Subang and went all the way to Kundang but couldnt find Furry Friends Farm despite using Garmin. We have 2 Beagles belonging to my elderly mother and we think FFF would be an ideal place for them. We raised them since birth and want a place they will be safe. Please give us directions to FFF. Thank you very much.

  6. Christine says:

    where is actually your place? u have any location map?

  7. michael says:

    As mentioned in the article the location is secret to avoid anonymous drop offs. Please use the contact details above to get in touch with FFF.

  8. Marlene says:

    Good work! May god bless the kind souls of the FFF founder & volunteers!

  9. Telochan Dhanoa says:

    Dear Sabrina,
    I read about your fff today in the papers and am very glad to know that there is a safe place for strays. It pains me when I hear people who would rather spend thousands to purchase exotic breeds instead of helping to give a homeless dog a decent home. I have manged to save with the help of my family a total of 18 dogs and found homes for 6 of them, 9 are with me and feeding 3 outside dogs. It is a shame that our SPCA iss not very active in doing your kind of charity. God bless you my dear and your volunteers.

  10. Yeong says:

    Dear Sabrina,
    There is a stray cat who gave birth recently and bring along her kittens to my house. I don’t have the heart to shoo/throw them away as they still feeds on their mother’s milk. I was thinking of shooing them when they get bigger and can fend for themself. But one of the kitten is partially blind. Can this kitten fend for itself. What is the best thing to do for this kitten? Is it humane to put it to sleep? I’m not intent to keep it. Pls advice.

  11. Kelly Hoh says:

    It is my dream to have a place where cats and dogs live without cage, no clock ticking counting the days towards their doomsday, no fear of being handled rough, but only love. I am so glad, with your staunch persistence and hardwork, you have established a sanctuary for the dogs and cats. I will be visiting Malaysia soon and will visit your sanctuary. Thanks for all your efforts and that of your volunteers, day-in, day-out!

  12. Kayel says:

    hi there. i just came about to know about this lovely place of yours and would love to come and pay a visit and do some volunteering services when possible. i’m a college student who might not be of much help through funds but i’d like to give a helping hand as much as possible. pls get back to me. tq.

  13. Sridevi says:

    Dear Sabrina,

    I need your advice. We rescued a stray dog a year ago and recently she delivered a litter of 11. 8 survived. I managed to find homes for 6 male dogs. Nobody wanted the females. But I have now found a home for 1 female dog. The other female dog and the mother are with me. The compound of my house is tiled and there is no grass. My husband takes it upon himself to take the mother dog for a walk every morning for it to ease itself. Then he has to spend close to an hour to clean the whole compound strewn with feaces, urine, earth dug from the pot, scattered things etc. He has been doing this for the past 2 months ever since the puppies were born as there is a mess everywhere. He says he can’t do this any more as it is not only tiring but he ends up rushing and going late to work.
    Two of my children are in the morning school so cannot help. The other child is able to help but not at 5.30 am in the morning. There is no maid.
    With a heavy heart, we are considering giving up the mother and one other puppy due to the strain of this daily cleaning up ritual. And it has unfairly fallen on my husband’s shoulders as from the beginning he didn’t want to have a dog due to space and manpower constraints but eventually caved in to the demands of my children. Since no one will do it he takes it upon himself. But he is very angry and there is no peace and harmony in the home. I am rushing to go to work to. The whole birth of the puppies and caring and feeding took up a lot of our time. We love the mother dog and her puppy and am thinking whether giving her and her puppy up will be the best solution to the problem we are now facing. Sometimes I think the puppy will grow and there will not be such a mess anymore and we should just tolerate it. But in doing so I know my husband is the one going to shoulder more and more responsibility. We have a large kennel which we use to keep the mother in when someone is visiting. I have lost all my part time help as the part time maids will have nothing to do with a house with a dog. Life has become very busy and chaotic since the arrival of the dog and later her puppies.
    Kindly advise. Thank you for your time.

  14. Cameron says:

    What exactly really inspired u to write “Furry Friends Farm – Malaysia”?
    Idefinitely enjoyed reading the post! Thank you ,Isabella

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