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October 4, 2012 at 11:49 am

What truly makes a place special? Some might believe that distance actually improves the appeal of a destination – the harder it is to reach it, the more special it becomes. Others might stress on comparison, how different it is to their idea of normalcy – the more bizarre the culture, the more exotic the experience.

For me, it’s not the destination that matters – it’s the journey, and more importantly, the people. So when someone asks me what is so SPECIAL about Malaysia, my answer is simple and clear – its people.

And so, it is my pleasure to introduce a brand new initiative, courtesy of Moola, the first ever cash-back lifestyle programme, where we will feature a special breed of very interesting and engaging people – Malaysian bloggers. Through this series of articles, we will get to know them, their habits and their thoughts, and more importantly, to see the world through their eyes, to share in their experiences as they explore the gastronomic paradise that is Malaysia.

Who They Are

Bok of
Mr. Taufulou is a really down-to-earth guy who goes by the name of Bok. He shares his views on a lot of things, especially food, in his blog, which is named after beancurd of all things. Perhaps one day he’ll tell us why.

Bok is a connoisseur of good food. No, he's not made of taufu.

Emily Tang of Sunrise Emily
Find out more about what Malaysia is like and what Malaysians love to do with Emily Tang! Her blog is dedicated to Malaysian lifestyle and brings you the latest in events, travel, food and beauty products. An active blogger, Emily shares her thoughts and adventures with readers in Chinese.

Emily Tang and Eric Thong of Sunrise Emily

Evelyn Ang of
Missyblurkit shares what the women of Malaysia are up to and what they love most on her blog! Have a fun time discovering secrets and tips about food, animals, cooking, cars, and of course, what Evelyn thinks of all those ‘girly things’ in typical Malaysian fashion.

Evelyn, also known as Missyblurkit. While she really likes eating, she also LOVES cooking!

Kelly Chin of Miss Sunshine
There’s nothing like a ray of sunshine to brighten up your day. With Miss Sunshine, it’s all smiles and laughs all around. She’s a cheerful, outgoing and happy go lucky blogger who always tries to be positive and optimistic about life!

Kelly always has a smile for any occasion and for anyone who she meets

Isaac Tan of
A Lifestyle Website with emphasis on Events and Happenings, Food Reviews, Travel, Movie, Tech, Gadgets and more. Discover more about Isaac as he discovers more about well, everything!

Isaac Tan and his wife at the Outback Steakhouse KL, with Rajiv Bharatiya, Managing Partner of Outback Steakhouse South East Asia

Pamela Yeoh of Malaysian Foodie
Pamela Yeoh comes from Penang, the undisputed food capital of Malaysia. So it is natural that she runs Malaysian Foodie, a blog dedicated to the many tastes of Malaysia. She shares all the things we all want to know about food in an engaging yet simple narrative. Oh yes, with lots of nice photos too.

Pamela hails from Penang, a state renowned for Malaysian food. If you ask her nicely, she'll tell you all the great food spots. Or you could also read her blog to find out....

Ruby of
Her name is Rabiatul and she’s a blogger! A tech savvy girl, she’s been active in the online world since her teenage days, and shares her thoughts on various topics, from travel, food, to beauty and fashion.

Rabiatul is not only an entertaining blogger, but also a tech savvy person.

Senri Ning of Journey of the Little Biscuit
The self proclaimed biscuit, Senri Ning is a young and smart Malaysian who loves blogging. Her interests are eclectic and includes dance, food, music, photography and yes, blogging. She often is seen in the company of Coffee, her Canon camera.

The little biscuit, Ms. Senri Ning. She is a blogging veteran of sorts, having started in her teens.

Wilson Ng of Places and Foods
URL: is a travel and food blog lovingly run by a Malaysian couple, Wilson Ng and Rachel Ting. The blog allows them to share their experiences and thoughts with people who share their passion for travel. They enjoy exploring new places and also seeing new things as they travel.

Wilson Ng and Rachel Ting enjoying a lovely dinner at Outback Steakhouse KL, with their host, Rajiv Bharatiya, Managing Partner of Outback Steakhouse Sout East Asia

Dining With Moola

The bloggers were invited to some of Kuala Lumpur’s trendiest restaurants and F&B outlets as part of an introduction to a new and exciting lifestyle by Moola. Check back here for all the places they went!

The Malaysian Bloggers series is courtesy of Moola, the first ever cash-back lifestyle programme specially designed for shoppers to enjoy free shopping, great savings and best deals in town. Moola leverages on cutting-edge technology of mobile application that utilises QR code technology for all interactions; from member registration, Moola accumulation and redemption, to the actual shopping.

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