Kuala Lumpur

The capital city of Malaysia and also the largest, Kuala Lumpur (or K.L. as the locals have dubbed it) is the country's central hub for politics, business and modern living.

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The state capital of Georgetown is a vibrant and diverse city, as welcoming to tourists as it is beloved by locals.

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With much of its ancient architecture still intact, Malaysia's history comes alive in Malacca's buildings, which span time and cultures.

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Modern cityscapes are no strangers to Malaysia - its own capital city is home to the tallest twin towers in the world!

Business centres, retail outlets and high-end living are just some of the things present in Malaysia's cities. Some areas are known for being shopping havens, and others for being culinary hubs. One thing that's apparent for all cities is the multi-cultural populus that makes the country truly diverse.

Kuala Lumpur and Georgetown represent Malaysia's modern colors. The hustle and bustle of KL's downtown core are a proud declaration of Malaysia's contribution to the global market. However cities like Malacca and Kuala Terrenganu show off the country's cultural heritage. These cities have an older, traditional architecture style and a more rustic feel to them.

In any city however, you're never too far from mouth-watering cuisine, breath-taking sights, and the genuine warmth of the Malaysian people.


Highlights of Malaysia: Ex Kuala Lumpur
Highlights of Malaysia: Ex Kuala Lumpur

A comprehensive overland program covering the Best of Malaysia, starting in Kuala Lumpur.



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