Georgetown Heritage

Georgetown's rich heritage has more in store for visitors than simply its fantastic historical buildings.

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Kuala Lumpur Aquaria KLCC

This amazing marine aquarium offers its visitors a chance to immerse themselves in the mysteries of the sea without even getting their feet wet!

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Kuala Lumpur Shopping

A shopper's paradise, Kuala Lumpur offers a wide range of products and gadgets for discerning tastes.

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Malacca Food

Malacca not only excites the senses but also tickles the tastebuds of its visitors with an assortment of cuisine.

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Malaysia is best explored through personal experiences, as it is a land that offers unforgettable moments to those who take the time to know it. With its unique blend of traditions and modernity, coupled with the mix of cultures, no two days in Malaysia are ever the same, even in the same city. A stroll down the streets of its many cities often becomes memorable adventures, bursting with colourful sights and sounds that vie for attention, while the countryside leads to introspective journeys filled with reflection and contemplation that lead to inner peace and a sense of calm. Street markets all over the country are very often veritable treasure troves, a paradise for bargain hunters while the capital's shopping district, Bukit Bintang offers the latest trends in fashion and modern gadgets. Well known attractions like KL Tower and Malacca's museums offer visitors a glimpse at Malaysia at its best, while other local favourites like Penang's clanhouses and clan jetties personify the heart and soul of this beautiful land.