Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (1D)

Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (1D)

Go green for the day when you visit the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia!


This brief tour is the perfect introduction to Malaysia's natural heritage. Situated in Kepong, an outlying area of Kuala Lumpur, the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia allows visitors a glimpse into the many varieties of plants and animals native to the country. Many citydwellers make this destination their nature retreat, a perfect weekend outing after a bustling week!

You arrive at the Forest Reserve Institute of Malaysia after a brief drive from Kuala Lumpur. Get a bird's eye view of the forests as you traverse the treetops on the canopy walkway. Then take a stroll and admire the many beautiful plants at the Kepong Botanical Gardens and pay a visit to any of the six arboreta, collections of living native trees, within the institute. Learn more about Malaysia's forests and wildlife as you wander through the institute's museum and insectarium.

There is something for everyone to see and do at FRIM, no matter your interests. Go trekking along the many short trails available, or have a picnic by the Kroh River. Admire the traditional houses on display and sample some traditional hospitality and delicacies at the Malay Tea House. Remember to bring back happy memories as you end your visit later in the afternoon.

Forest Reserve Institute of Malaysia

Kepong Botanical Gardens




Malay Tea House

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