Genting Highlands

Genting Highlands

Malaysia's leading holiday destination, Genting Highlands is truly the 'City of Entertainment' for visitors of all ages.

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Genting Highlands' origins sprung from one man's vision while staying in Cameron Highlands for a work assignment. He noticed that many British colonials frequented the highlands often, either seeking refuge from the heat or just a short weekend break away from the busy city life. It was then that inspiration struck him. Foreseeing the possibility for Malaysians to get away from the lowland heat, he decided to build another highland retreat, just like Cameron Highlands, for their enjoyment. This was the start of a journey that would make a great impact on Malaysia. The man behind this vision was the late Lim Goh Tong.

Lim Goh Tong put the process in motion by first scouting for the ideal location and found it in Gunung Ulu Kali, located approximately 58 kilometres from Kuala Lumpur. Between 1965 and 1970, he managed to obtain approval for the separation of 12,000 acres and 2,800 acres of land from the Pahang and Selangor states respectively for the Genting Highlands project. This arduous task of converting the wild tropical jungle into the famous highland resort began on 18 August 1965. Lim Goh Tong devoted all of his time and resources into this project and in 1969, the access road from Genting Sempah to the peak of Gunung Ulu Kali was completed. On 31 March of the same year, then Malaysian Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman was invited to lay the foundation stone for the company's first hotel. He was very impressed with the achievement, which was without any government funding and suggested to Lim Goh Tong to apply for a gaming license to boost the resort's appeal. Two years later, the first hotel was successfully completed and was named Highlands Hotel. It has since been renamed Theme Park Hotel.

Today, patrons who visit the theme park may not know how much it has grown over the years. The six hotels located at Genting Highlands, from budget to luxury hotels, ensure that tourists are able to find accommodation that suits their budget. Over the years, many other new rides and attractions have been added for the pleasure of its visitors like Space Shot, Ripley's Believe It or Not! Museum and Snow World. In 1997, Genting Highlands decided to make it more convenient for the parks' guests to reach the peak by building the Genting Skyway cable car system. The Genting Highland Skyway was also recognised as the 'World's Fastest Mono Cable Car System' and also the 'Longest Cable Car in Malaysia and Southeast Asia'. Not only do the visitors get fantastic sights of the lush tropical forest as they ascend the mountain, they also get to enjoy the cool air as the gondola reaches the peak. It also makes it more convenient for patrons who choose not to drive to the peak as the cable car service is fast and affordable.

Genting Highland's close proximity to the city of Kuala Lumpur has certainly made it a favourite highland destination for those looking to escape the hectic city life over the weekend. It is easy to see why Genting Highlands is the choice for many holidaymakers as the wide variety of attractions was designed to cater to people of all ages. It also makes a good venue for families to spend their holidays together.


Undoubtedly the resort's main attraction, Genting Highlands has three world class casinos, namely Monte Carlo, Hollywood and Starworld Casino. These award winning casinos cater to local as well as international high rollers as this is the only place in Malaysia where gambling is sanctioned. Monte Carlo Casino is the largest of all three and offers a variety of table games like baccarat, black jack, roulette and poker, to name a few. For first timers looking into starting with smaller bets, there are numerous slot machines available within the casinos.


Genting Highlands has always been the preferred venue by international stars when deciding to hold their concerts here in Malaysia. The Genting International Showroom has hosted a multitude of both international and local performances and musicals over the past years. The showroom has hosted concerts for famous artistes such as Engelbert Humperdinck, ABBA and also the Genting Jazz Festival in 2008. Internationally acclaimed performers like Andy Lau, Jacky Cheung, Maksim and Kenny G have also performed to a full house in Genting Highlands at the Arena of Stars, an outdoor amphitheatre located at the Outdoor Theme Park.

Theme Parks

Other than the casinos, the theme parks in Genting Highlands is also the main reason why most families opt to go there for a short holiday. There are three theme parks at the peak – Outdoor Theme Park, First World Indoor Theme Park and the Water Park. Recent additions like the Space Shot and The Flying Coaster rides were added to cater to the adults who visit the park whereas other attractions like Dinosaurland and Sungai Rejang Flume Ride are more suitable for the younger crowd. Children who would like to frolic in the snow can now visit the Snow World, located within the First World Indoor Theme Park. This winter wonderland has a replica of a house with a slide coming out of its door where children can climb and slide down onto the soft bed of artificially created snow. There is also a bowling alley, a Motion Master Simulator and even a cinema inside the indoor theme park for visitors who wish to stay indoors.

Genting Highlands is only accessible by road. Due to its close proximity to the city of Kuala Lumpur, Genting Highlands is well connected by major highways in Peninsular Malaysia.

By Bus

Most express bus companies offers bus services from major cities within the Peninsular Malaysia to Genting Highlands.

Go Genting Express Bus has frequent bus services making trips to and from Genting Skyway Lower Station. The bus company services many major bus stations in and around the city, like Bukit Jalil Stadium (as the Puduraya Bus Terminal is currently undergoing renovations), KL Sentral station, Pasarakyat station, Terminal Putra LRT station in Gombak, One Utama Open Air Carpark (next to One Utama Shopping Centre) and Kajang Station. There are buses leaving these stations every hour, with some other stations as frequent as every half hour. The buses depart from Genting Skyway Lower Station every hour to each of the above-mentioned destinations.