Georgetown Nightlife

Georgetown Nightlife

As evening falls, folks in Georgetown hit the city to paint the town red in their own style.



Although Georgetown is known best for its heritage, it is still a modern city with a cosmopolitan population. While not as trendy or upbeat as the country's capital, Kuala Lumpur, Georgetown certainly does not lack entertainment when the sun sets on a busy day. The city also offers other pursuits besides the regular distractions of nightclubs and pubs.

Gurney Drive

During the daytime, the street along Gurney Drive is peaceful. While the traffic is fast moving and there are many people walking along the sea front, it is still a relaxing place to be during the day. However, this stretch of road takes on a much livelier feel as it grooves to the music that floats through the air come nightfall. Open air cafes and eateries, restaurants and pubs start coming to life as they set up for business. As the weather cools, more and more people appear along the retaining walls along the sea front of Gurney Drive. Some gather with their families to enjoy the cool sea breeze, with children playing and running about. Others take romantic strolls with their loved ones amidst laughter and music. The atmosphere is gay and lively as groups of people come together to enjoy a drink and each other's company at the many pubs and restaurants located there. Some restaurants also have live karaoke sessions, often hiring aspiring singers to entertain their clients with songs from the past.

Upper Penang Road

Further up along Penang Road, a different scene starts to unfold. Youngsters all dressed to the nines and ready to party the night away are the typical crowd that flocks to the discotheques and entertainment outlets located here. Loud music can be heard from outside, with funky and upbeat tunes beckoning everyone to come in and dance all their worries away. Others enjoy a spot of beer outside the pubs with their friends, exchanging the usual friendly banter with each other, whereas others are there to observe life as it goes on, a chilled bottle of Heineken in their hands.

A good evening of fun begins with a short walk from the Cititel Hotel towards what is Georgetown's main party zone: bars, pubs and discos in one long stretch. Places like Slippery Senoritas, Game, Uptown, Smokey Jack, Rain, Momo and Soho cater to a variety of tastes. Some of Malaysia’s top deejays can be found behind their turntables in these party temples too.

Batu Ferringhi

Three kilometers of luxury hotels, beautiful condominiums and service apartments all facing the Straits of Malacca North of Penang. Pristine white sandy beaches attract thousands of travelers every month. Every night there is a night market where tourists and locals alike can shop till they drop and the bargaining never ends. Small eateries, seafood restaurants and outlets with all the local fare but also international fare, can be found here. Many visitors end their night with a long stroll along the beach, sitting on the sand and enjoying the sounds of the surf and the booming sounds of the Batu Ferringhi nightlife in the background.