Kuala Lumpur Bird Park

Kuala Lumpur Bird Park

See some of Malaysia's beautiful tropical birds in all their splendour at this delightful bird park.

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Kuala Lumpur Bird Park is situated just next to the Lake Gardens, within the heart of the metropolitan capital of Malaysia. The park is home to an assortment of birds, over two thousand in total. Spread across almost 21 acres and divided into four zones, the park showcases over 200 species, an amazing variety of both foreign and local birds.

Brahminy KiteA Brahminy Kite during a feeding session at the park

The park offers its visitors the unique experience of getting close to most of its birds in its free flight walk in aviary, which encompasses Zone 1 and 2, and in Zone 3 – the Hornbill Park. This giant cage concept is the main attraction of the park, which would otherwise be simply a large menagerie of birds. The park allows visitors to leisurely make their way through the well-landscaped valley terrain, stopping to admire the various feathered inhabitants going about their daily routine in a more natural surrounding.

The zones itself are designed to suit the natural habitat of a number of birds, ranging from pigeons and pheasants that roost in the low-hanging trees to egrets and ducks along the gentle streams that run through the park. The free roaming birds, especially the Indian Blue Peacock with its spectacular plummage, appear to thrive on the attention showered upon them by the visitors, even to the point of seemingly holding a pose while cameras click away at them.

A highlight of Zone 1 includes the Flamingo Pond, a landscaped pool that mimics the tropical lakes where flamingos love to congregate. The park's flamingos are joined by other birds, including the pelican, as they wade through the shallow waters of the pool and bask in the surrounding areas in general peace and tranquility. The final part of the free flight aviary is the Hornbill Park, located at the centre of the park. It is also one of the shadiest places of the park as it is designed as a habitat for hornbills that thrive in the tropical rainforests of Malaysia. This area is interspaced with several showcages of hornbills, including the Rhinoceros Hornbill.

The park also has a number of birds of prey, including the brahminy kite and certain species of owls, but these birds are restricted to cages for safety reasons. There are feeding stations all across the park, and specific feeding shows featuring different birds throughout the day. Two bird shows, held at the amphitheater just by the Waterfall Aviary, are also conducted daily for visitors and feature various tricks performed by birds.

Kuala Lumpur Bird Park is located within the Lake Gardens area and its entrance is along Jalan Cendrawasih. As it is within the city limits of Kuala Lumpur, the park is well connected and easily accessible by road.

By Bus

Neither the park nor any area surrounding it are stops for intracity bus routes.

By Train

The closest KTM Komuter station to the park is the Kuala Lumpur Railway Station at Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin.