Kuala Lumpur Old City Centre

Kuala Lumpur Old City Centre

At the meeting point of two rivers grew a city that would become the capital of a nation.

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The city centre is the traditional heart of the city, built around the confluence of the Gombak River and the Klang River. It also represents the original boundaries of its early days as a mining town, and later as the administration centre of the British in the Malay Peninsula. The city centre stretches from Independence Square on the west bank of the Gombak River, to Market Square on the east bank of the Klang River. It also encompasses the city's Chinatown south of the rivers' confluence, as well as the old Malay and Indian quarter north of the confluence, along Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman and its surrounding streets.

Many tours of the city focus on this area and highlight the city's past through the surviving buildings. Favourites include the Independence Square and the neighbouring Sultan Abdul Samad Building, the historic Masjid Jamek, the famous Petaling Street bazaar and Central Market.

The city centre is a great place to experience the city's mix of cultures. People throng through the streets going about their daily business and the architectural style of the various buildings subtly change from the grandeur of the British colonial buildings to the adobe brick shophouses with their distinct walkways, with an occasional utilitarian apartment block or business complex thrown in. Mosques, with their unique domes, a stately church, and temples dedicated to various Chinese and Indian deities are interspersed throughout the area. Gaudy neon signs hang side by side; older relics of the past, a hodge podge of advertising from different eras, markers of the city's fortunes through the years. Walking through the city centre is definitely an interesting experience, especially for visitors who appreciate history and architecture.