Kuala Lumpur Orchid Garden

Kuala Lumpur Orchid Garden

The Kuala Lumpur Orchid Garden is arguably the most famous speciality garden within the Lake Gardens.

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Sitting atop a small hillock that overlooks the Lake Gardens, the Kuala Lumpur Orchid Garden was opened in 1986 and encompasses an area of over 1 hectare. The main entrance to the garden is located on the east side of the Lake Gardens, just opposite the Kuala Lumpur Bird Park, another city attraction.

A quaint pathway surrounded by shaddy trees and natural foilage leads up from the entrance to the garden proper, which occupies the upper half of the hill. The hill slope has been designed into two terraces, and a flight of steps lead to a central garden on hilltop. The lower terrace features a water feature running across its entire length that imitates a gentle flowing stream. Aquatic plants, including several lotuses, are planted in submerged pots, further enhancing the atmosphere. A wooden pergola spans the entire length of the lower terrace, providing much needed shade and the support for a variety of orchids that weave around the pillars and hang from the wooden rafters. Other species of orchids and plants are planted all along the terrace, completing the image of a lush colourful garden paradise.

The upper terrace is thoughtfully designed and incorporates many existing trees that provide shade for the various flowering orchids. The upper terrace is also popular for its view of some famous Kuala Lumpur landmarks, including Kuala Lumpur Tower and the Petronas Twin Towers. The terraces are connected by a central pergola leading up the hill. The hilltop garden is done in the style of an English flower garden, with flower beds interspaced along wide garden paths. A wide variety of orchids are prominent displayed at this garden and are quite a delight to behold. Finally, for visitors who wish to take back an orchid, a row of shops tucked away at the peripheral of the hilltop garden offer an assortment of beautiful orchid plants for sale.

The Orchid Garden's main entrance is along Jalan Cenderawasih and is part of the Lake Gardens. As it is within the city limits of Kuala Lumpur, the garden is well connnected and easily accessible by road.

By Bus

Neither the park nor any area surrounding it are stops for intracity bus routes.

By Train

The closest KTM Komuter station to the park is the Kuala Lumpur Railway Station at Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin.