Kubah National Park (1D)

Kubah National Park (1D)

Meet some of Borneo's rarest animals amidst the beautiful rainforest of Kubah National Park.


This tour offers you the unique opportunity of seeing some of Borneo's endangered species and learn of the efforts to conserve them and their natural habitats. The Kubah National Park is also a great place for you to appreciate nature in its pristine state and offers a great experience away from the bustle of the city.

Your tour begins with a 40 minute drive from Kuching to the Matang Wildlife Centre. Feel free to wander around the centre, which houses rescued animals in huge enclosures surrounded by their natural habitat. This arrangement allows for the rehabilitation process to take place while offering a chance for visitors to get up close to these beautiful creatures.

Do not miss seeing the orang utans, sun bears, civit cats and sambar deer during your visit, as well as the marvelous birds, including the hornbills housed in three large aviaries. Settle down for lunch at the centre before beginning your guided trek to the Kubah National Park headquarters. Enjoy the view as you meander along as the scenery is impressive. Clear jungle waterfalls and a variety of plantlife, including palms, orchids and pitcher plants are some of the wondrous sights to behold.

Rest and relax at the park headquarters before you depart for Kuching, bringing your tour to a close.

Matang Wildlife Centre

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Kubah National Park

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