Malacca Cultural Heritage Tour (1D)

Malacca Cultural Heritage Tour (1D)

Discover the richness of diversity as you learn about the lifestyles of Malacca's various ethnic groups.


This tour is a perfect introduction to the cultures and customs of the various ethnic groups living in Malacca. These ethnic groups are a result of Malacca's storied past as a famous trading port, when people of all races flocked to its shores and settled here. Their descendants who call Malacca home include the Malacca Malays, the Peranakan Chinese, the Portuguese Eurasians and the Chittys.

Your tour begins with as you head to Gajah Berang for a visit to the Chitty Village, the ancestral village of the Malacca Straits born Hindus. Although the Chitty are a small community, they retain a strong cultural identity that blends Hindu and local influences into a seamless mix.

Next you return to Malacca Town, and immerse yourself in the living culture of the Peranakan Chinese, learn of their lifestyle and traditions as you visit the Baba Nyonya Museum. Then you journey to Kampung Morten. This quaint Malay village, situated at the banks of the Malacca River, is considered a living museum as the traditional Malay lifestyle has been preserved and continues to thrive here.

Finally, you head to the Portuguese Settlement at Ujong Pasir, one of the major tourist attractions in Malacca. A thriving community of Portueguese descendants make their home here, and during festival days, the village bustles with celebration. Spend some time among them and learn of their simple yet heartwarming ways before you end your tour.

Chitty Village

Baba Nyonya Museum

Kampung Morten

Portuguese Settlement

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