Malacca Tour - PRIVATE

Malacca Tour - PRIVATE

Come experience a day at this UNESCO World Heritage City!


This brief tour offers a perfect introduction to Malacca Town, a historical town listed on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Considered the birthplace of Malaysia, Malacca was once a thriving Malay Sultanate that became a vital port for ships headed to and from China. It was later conquered by successive foreign powers, including the Portugese, the Dutch and the British, whose influence still can be seen in Malacca's culture and buildings.

Your tour begins as you visit some of Malacca's most historic landmarks. Walk through the gateway of Porta De Santiago, and explore the remains of the Portuguese fort built on St. Paul's Hill, a vantage point overlooking the Straits of Malacca. Then visit one of the oldest Chinese temples in Malaysia, Cheng Hoon Teng Temple, and browse for knick knacks and souvenirs along Jonker Street. The street bazaar is bound to have something for everyone.

Finally, immerse yourself in the living culture of the Peranakan Chinese and learn of their lifestyle and traditions as you visit the Baba Nyonya Museum before wrapping up your day.

Porta De Santiago

St. Paul's Hill

Cheng Hoon Teng Temple

Jonker Street

Baba Nyonya Museum

Nett price in MYR starting from 250 per person

(min. 2 person - PRIVATE)

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