Malacca Shopping

Malacca Shopping

Wander along the many streets of Malacca into a colourful world filled with intriguing trinkets, distracting knick knacks and curios from a time gone by.



Shopping in Malacca is an immersive experience of walking through roadside stalls, street bazaars, and shophouses filled with antiques, knickknacks and traditional handicraft. Being a major tourist destination, stalls offering souvenirs are a common sight at the city's many attractions. While most of the items sold are typical tourist items, certain stalls do offer an uncommon or rare trinket.

No Malacca shopping experience would be complete without a walk through Jonker Street during the weekend, when the street bazaar is in full swing. Stretching the entire length of Jalan Hang Jebat, it is filled with stalls offering local delicacies, an assortment of items and souvenirs. The bazaar is like a carnival and is bound to thrill the bargain hunter in every one of us.

Another handy destination for shoppers is Medan Samudera, a two storey building just opposite the Malacca Maritime Museum. Conveniently situated within the building are an assortment of stalls offering various Malaccan handicraft and souvenirs. There are also stalls that serve various Malaccan delicacies and local products on the top floor. These stalls were relocated from their previous premises in an effort to promote the city's local flavour to visitors.

The city's streets are lined with quaint shophouses that offer a plethora of antiques and handicrafts, especially textiles and speciality items like beaded slippers. Simple street markets are quite commonplace around the city at various times and offer mouthwatering local delicacies and fresh produce, while night bazaars offer commonplace and inexpensive consumer goods as well as other knick knacks. While such wares might not be on everyone's wish list, browsing through stalls, conversing with vendors and embracing the various scents and sights at these markets is certainly a worthwhile experience.