Miri Full Day City Tour (1D)

Miri Full Day City Tour (1D)

Find out more about this seaside city, a gateway to some of Sarawak's famous tourist destinations!


This package offers you a day out and about Miri city and introduces you to some of its highlights. Trace Miri's beginning as an oil town and its transition into a major city that helped nurture some of Sarawak's most famous tourist destnations, including the Niah Caves.

Your tour begins with a morning drive up Canada Hill, a scenic hill overlooking Miri. Learn how modern Miri came into existence after the discovery of oil at this very hill in the early 20th century. The first oil well, dubbed the Grand Old Lady, is preserved as a relic on this hill. Marvel at the elaborate ways that the Chinese worship their deities at the Lian Hua San Taoist Temple, one of the largest of its kind in Southeast Asia.

For some local flavour, pay a visit to the local farmers' market, known as Tamu, where a wide variety of fresh produce is sold daily by local farmers and natives from outlying areas of Miri. Lunch is an introduction to Sarawakian cuisine at a local restaurant. The afternoon begins with a visit to the Miri Crocodile Farm in Kuala Baram, offering crocodiles and other assorted reptiles and wildlife for your viewing pleasure.

Admire how simple clay is turned into beautiful artistic objects at the Sarawak Pottery Factory before heading back to the city. Finally, get some shopping done at the local malls before wrapping up your tour.

Canada Hill

Grand Old Lady

Lian Hua San Taoist Temple


Miri Crocodile Farm

Sarawak Pottery Factory

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