Monsoon Cup

Monsoon Cup

Every year, sailors from all over the world meet to compete in the prestigous Monsoon Cup.

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The final yacht race on the World Match Racing Tour, the Monsoon Cup takes place in the waters off Duyong Island at the estuary of the Terengganu River during December. A weeklong event, the Monsoon Cup showcases yachting teams from all over the world competing head to head in match races. The close proximity of the estuary of the Terengganu River to Duyong Island means that spectators are able to get a good view of the action from specially designed viewing areas at the event centre. The Monsoon Cup is lively affair with a carnivalesque atmosphere, and many side events are organised to run throughout the entire week at the event centre.

Originally created as a creative way to diversify Terengganu's tourism offerings, the Monsoon Cup is aptly held during the monsoon season. The strong winds that are a signature of the monsoon are exactly what is required for exciting match races, adding a factor of uncertainty into the complex mix of strategy and technical skills that are hallmarks of yacht match racing. Duyong Island's location within Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu's state capital, makes the logistics of organising this international event relatively easy, while the island's long standing tradition as a ship and boat building centre has become known worldwide thanks to the Monsoon Cup.

The inaugural Monsoon Cup was held in 2005 and debuted as an official event of the Swedish Match Tour. Since then, the Monsoon Cup has become the final race in the World Match Racing Tour, a ten match circuit held in venues all around the world, including France, Korea and Bermuda.