Niah Caves Tour (1D)

Niah Caves Tour (1D)

Explore the ancient wonders of the world famous Niah Caves, one of the most ancient human settlements in Southeast Asia!


This package allows you to venture into the oldest site of human civilisation in Southeast Asia, the Niah Caves, located in the Niah National Park. An important archaeological site of the world, the caves are also breathtakingly stunning, offering you a chance to step through time and see how life was for those who came before us so long ago.

Your trip begins with a morning drive from Miri towards Niah National Park. Enjoy the view of the countryside with is interspaced with oil palm plantations, pepper farms and villages. After registration at the park headquarters, a longboat ride awaits to take you to Pangkalan Lobang after breakfast. Your first stop will be the Niah Archaeological Museum, where you can marvel at the many exhibits regarding the site. Then trek through the rainforest on a raised plankway that leads you to the famous caves. Be awed as you stand at the entrance of the Great Cave, where prehistoric relics, including human remains, were found. Then continue into the Painted Caves, where wall paintings of human-like figures gaze down on an ancient burial ground filled with boat shaped coffins.

After you are finished with the caves, lunch will be served at the park canteen prior to your departure for Miri. Your trip to Niah comes to a close in the evening upon your arrival at the hotel of your choice in Miri.

Niah Archaeological Museum

Great Cave

Painted Cave

Park entrance fees not included

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