Durian Fest @ KL Tower and Telekom Museum

August 13, 2011 at 2:00 pm

Durians are very much an acquired taste. Either you love it, or you hate it. And much to the chagrin of durian ‘haters’, the average Malaysian loves durian. For those of you who do not know what a durian is, it is a seasonal fruit that grows in tropical climes, especially in the South East Asian region.

The spiky exterior of durians form a natural protection for the fruit.

Why the fuss about durians? Firstly because of its shape, which is covered in spikes, much like the business end of a morning star. But durians are also known for its scent, which to some, smells like animal droppings, and to others, brings the promise of a much enjoyed treat.

To love it or to hate it? That is the question.

Most Malaysians, as has been mentioned, love durians so much that durian season is a highly anticipated ocassion. This local delicacy is much sought after, and certain types, those with a particular creamy taste and texture, are highly prized. Some of these durians can fetch up to RM20-RM30 a kilo, spikes and all. Which puts those durians out of reach for your typical Malaysian. Or does it?

A FAMA official stacking up the durians at the Durian Fest at Kuala Lumpur Tower.

Thanks to a collaboration between Kuala Lumpur Tower, Telekom Museum and Federal Agricultural Marketing Authority (FAMA), durian lovers can enjoy as much durian as they want at a bargain price during the annual durian season. For a number of days every year during the durian season, Kuala Lumpur Tower and Telekom Museum organise the annual Durian Fest with the assistance of FAMA in order to share in the celebration of the King of Fruits. The Durian Fest takes place at the Kuala Lumpur Tower and Telekom Museum yearly, and not only offers the King of Fruits but also other Malaysian fruits, including mangosteen, rambutan and cempedak. The highlight of this annual event is, of course, the all you can eat durian buffet. Although the dining area is pretty basic, most durian lovers do not seem to mind as they tuck into this delightful delicacy. The 2011 edition of the Durian Fest offered the buffet at only RM20 per adult, and included other fruits like mangosteen and rambutan on top of the free flow of durians.

Several cempedak lying side by side. The Durian Fest also offers other Malaysian fruits, including cempedak, rambutan and mangosteen.

The Durian Fest is the perfect opportunity for any adventurous visitors to get a real taste of the various fruits that Malaysia has to offer. Mind you, the King of Fruits, like all royalty, might be a bit too much to handle for those unaccustomed to it. But whether you like it or hate it, no visit to Malaysia would be complete without an audience with the famed King of Fruits!

An ice sculpture that contained a durian that was used during the launch of the Durian Fest of 2011.

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