Finding Fun at the Beach

December 30, 2010 at 10:00 am

What is the recipe for fun? Start with HUGE amounts of sand and water, add a list of 17 activities, mix in a dash of humans of any shape and size, sit back and watch the fun start to flow. There must be something to this recipe, because the Penang Beach Carnival 2010 that was held on 18th of December was a great success, judging from the response during the one day event.

Fun in the Sun

The first event of the day, the Rock to Rock Fun Run, a 5 kilometre charity run through Batu Ferringhi was held at 7 a.m. The fun part? Participants got the chance to run through the streets of Penang’s popular beach destination at the crack of dawn to raise money for a good cause. Anyway, these kind hearted souls managed to raise RM40,000 and got a dose of fun as well.

Volleyball Tournament

By 9 am, things were already in full swing at the carnival. The carnival was spread out along the beach just in front of the Golden Sands Beach Resort, with designated areas for each individual event. The Mr Penang Beach Carnival contest was being held at the main tent with participants contesting for the right to be Mr. Penang Beach Carnival! Although the field of participants were not large, they put on a good show for the appreciative audience, many who applauded and whistled as the bodybuilders strutted their stuff on stage.

The Sandcastle Contest

The younger crowd was more engrossed with the beach volleyball event, just beside the main tent, especially since it was the girls’ event at that time. Although the players’ costumes are much more tame compared to Brazilian women beach volleyball players, the local crowd did not complain as teams of young athletic women tried their best to outdo each other on the sands. There was also a sandcastle building event, a family oriented event where teams compete to produce magnificent structures from simple white sand.

Many other events were held during the day, including kite flying demonstrations, sailing, and even a cooking contest officiated by hotel chefs. For a one day event, the Penang Beach Carnival certainly packs a whole lot of fun for everyone.

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