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Editorial Policy

To help keep consistent and to ensure that your business gets approved as quickly as possible please ensure your listing conforms to the following:

  • Your business has a local presence. You must either have a premise that customers can attend or make appointments to visit customer's homes directly. If your business doesn't fit into either of these categories (for example, if it is an information website) then it will be declined as we are a local directory.
  • Please do not write sections of your text in ALL CAPS. Proper sentence case should be used.
  • Please do not use profanity in your profile.
  • Please do not use HTML tags in your profile.
  • Please do not upload pornographic or illegal pictures or include a link to a website that contains either of these.

Please note that the above editorial policies are in addition to the terms and conditions.

To help us avoid declining your business by accident, if you think we'll have any doubts about whether it is a local business please include in your about section what type of local presence you provide so that people searching will know how they can reach you locally.


The short description field is shown to prospective customers on the search results page. Having an attractive description helps differentiate your business from its competitors and can ultimately help gain you more business by increasing the number of clicks through to your profile.

It is complusory for all businesses to fill out this field. It is highly preferable to make your short description UNIQUE(and not just pasted in from your website). Simply entering a list of keywords will result in your free listing being declined.


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You can upload your businesses logo which will be seen on your business profile page and will be used to enhance your listing in the search results. Highly recommended!

  STEP 10: Images

You may upload up to four images (in addition to your logo) you think customers would find useful. This may be images of your office, location, menu items, previous work etc. Please note that all images are checked and offensive images will not be posted. You can only upload images in .jpg or .gif format. Maximum file size is 3MB per image and resolution should be 800x600 or below.

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You may upload up to three documents you think customers would find useful. This could be documents like menus, price lists or anything else you think would be appropriate. Please note you may only upload documents in a .pdf format. The maximum size for documents is 3MB.


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