Jungles of Miri

While it is the second largest city in Sarawak, Miri's jungles and rainforests remain untouched by development. The indigenous people of the area, the Iban, have called the jungles their home for centuries.



With lush greenery and a plethora of exotic species of flora and fauna, the jungles of Miri are a standing testament to Malaysia's natural beauty.

Trekking through the jungles of Miri is a must - it's an experience any traveler won't soon forget. Tour packages are available whereby a member of an Iban tribe guides you through the very same pathways and trails that his ancestors have traveled on throughout the ages.

The illustrious tribe does have a sinister past however. Truth be told, the Iban practiced the art of headhunting. Historically, headhuntings served to be a signal to other rivaling tribes - Trespassers beware; this land is occupied by the Iban!

Those timid tourists who are a bit worried about this revelation can rest easy. Headhunting has been eradicated from the area close to 100 years before World War II. The Iban people are friendly and welcoming and will be glad to show you the ways of their culture - they'll even share a drink of firewater or two with you!