KL Tower Base Jumping Week

KL Tower Base Jumping Week

Once a year the KL Tower transforms into a base jumping platform. A spectacular experience, not only for the base jumpers ...

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One day you might wander trough the streets of Kuala Lumpur and suddenly someone dangling on a parachute lands next to you. Most likely this parachutist was standing on KL tower a few seconds ago.

All this started in 1999 when the first base jumper launched into Kuala Lumpurs air space from Menara KL. This was the first recorded Base Jump in Malaysia. Since 2001 Menara KL organizes the International KL Tower Jump. Base Jumpers from all over the world travel to Kuala Lumpur to participate in this event. These adrenaline junkies often have to sneak into a building in the middle of the night and risk getting arrested for trespassing. Jumping during this kind of organized event allows them to do several consecutive jumps during bright daylight with no police handcuffing them at their landing spots.

What started in 2001 with the KL tower became the ”Merdeka Circuit” in 2006 featuring a total of 6 base Jumping destinations in 5 Malaysian states. The participants of this round trip complete more than 1000 jumps during the 3 week event.

The world record for the most base jumps within 24 hours was set at Menara KL. Gary Cunningham from Australia set this record on new years eve 2006 completing a total of 133 jumps from the tower. He was supported by a team of 13 packers who guaranteed a continuous supply of packed parachutes.

Interested visitors can join the jumpers on the platform and to get a first hand experience. Strapped into a harness and leashed to the tower the organizers make sure that the only people falling from the tower have a parachute strapped to their back. Visitors are only allowed on the platform on Saturday and Sunday during the base jumping week which is usually end of August.