Maggi Goreng

Maggi Goreng

Maggi goreng is a top choice with hungry late-night crowds for both its ready availability and economical cost.



'Maggi Mee, fast to cook...good to eat'. That's the tagline of Maggi Mee's commercial. Generations of Malaysians have grown up listening to that line, and many would agree with it. Maggi Mee, and by extension, Maggi goreng, which is fried Maggi Mee, is to Malaysians what Mac 'n' Cheese is to Americans. It is a quick solution to a growling stomach during late night studying sessions, a fast meal for those who are pressed for time and an enjoyment for nostalgic fans.

Maggi mee is originally eaten by cooking the instant noodles in hot water and adding the flavouring into the boiling pot of water when the instant noodles are almost cooked. In line with their famous tagline, Maggi's instant noodles are made in such a way that it takes only two minutes for it to cook. The maggi goreng version is prepared by first cooking the instant noodles in hot water until it is al dente; firm but not hard. Aromatics like onions or shallots are fried and added to other ingredients like vegetables, eggs or meat before the cooked noodles are added in and stir fried together with the other ingredients. Items like dark or light soy sauce, chilli paste or other types of sauces are added as well as the flavouring from the Maggi Mee packet to give it more taste. Sliced red chillis or cili padi may be added at the end to spice it up the dish.

Mamak traders these days vary the maggi goreng offered by them with additional items like eggs fried sunny side up or even fried chicken. Some offer maggi goreng pattaya, which is maggi goreng wrapped in an omelette. Customers also have the option of ordering two packets worth of instant noodles for their maggi goreng if one is insufficient. Though the recipe may be simple, no two servings of maggi goreng will taste ever the same. Some may be dry whereas others are a tad soggy. There are some stalls whose maggi goreng are salty whereas others are spicy. The search for the perfect plate of maggi goreng – firm noodles with just the right amount of gravy and taste – is an ever-going task which many maggi goreng lovers are only too willing to undertake.