Malacca Food

Malacca Food

Malacca not only excites the senses but also tickles the tastebuds of its visitors with an assortment of cuisine.



In a city with such a vibrant past, it is to be expected that Malacca is a fantastic place to find a culinary kaleidoscope, catering to a wide range of tastes. As the cultures from different parts of the world assimilate with the locals, new and interesting cuisines are created, all ready to entice the world with its mélange of tastes.

Visitors familiar with the city of Malacca have likely heard about the famous Peranakan Chinese cuisine. It is a unique blend of Chinese cuisine with liberal usage of Malay spices, resulting in dishes that are not only aromatic but also spicy. As most of the recipes are handed down from generation to generation within the family, it is not uncommon to find that there subtle variations across the same dish. Some of the famous Peranakan Chinese dishes include Pong Teh, Itek Tim and Ayam Buah Keluak.

Seafood lovers will be delighted to know that the Malacca Portuguese are well known for their seafood dishes. Though their forefathers came from Portugal, their cuisine today is a far cry from those in their home country. When the Portuguese settled down with the locals, their cooking methods have incorporated some of the local flavors, including dried chillies, into their dishes. Since the Portuguese were sea-faring folks, it is only natural that seafood became a prominent feature in their cooking. Some of the more famous Malacca Portuguese dishes include Devil Curry, Malaccan Black Pepper Crab and Prawn Bostador.

After a long and hot walk of browsing through the many sights in Malacca, one good way to cool down is by enjoying a nice bowl of Cendol. A popular dessert in Malacca, there are now many varieties of cendol being offered to the crowd. Die-hard lovers of the King of the Fruits, the durian, will be pleased to know that there are shops which sells cendol with the flesh from this royal fruit. It is definitely a treat not to be missed.

The Chicken Rice Balls is a very well known dish that is commonly found everywhere in Malacca. The people and the visitors of this city are absolutely crazy over this dish, so much so that they are willing to wait in a queue, in a hot afternoon for at least half an hour for a place at a restaurant. Chicken Rice Balls are simply chicken rice shaped into balls and eaten with either steamed or roasted chicken and the accompanying condiments. Though the basis of the dish is simple, people's fascination for this dish is most probably attributed to the presentation and its distinctive taste.

Another dish that has Malacca's visitors queuing up for a taste is Satay Celup. When it comes to good food, Malacca is always worth the wait.