National Craft Day

National Craft Day

An annual festival dedicated to appreciating the various forms of Malaysian traditional arts and crafts.



Often, one of the most fascinating aspects of any culture are the traditional handicrafts produced by its people. These products are the actual physical representations of the people's beliefs, traditions and societies. The various ethnic groups that call Malaysia their home have produced their own handicraft for centuries, and many of these have gained renown throughout the world.

In order to promote and preserve this important aspect of Malaysian culture, the Malaysian authorities set up a National Craft Day, an annual event to showcase Malaysian crafts and the people who create these marvelous masterpieces. The first National Craft Day was held in 2003 and was seen as an excellent opportunity to honour the contributions of those involved in the local handicraft industry to building the country's craft industry.

The National Craft Day is a misnomer, as it usually lasts for at least a week. It has always been held at the Kuala Lumpur Craft Complex, typically in the first quarter of the year. The event is part local festival, part trade expo and a whole lot of fun. The National Craft Day's main highlight is undoubtedly the handicraft sale, with stalls for exhibitors to display various products from all over the country. Most, if not all of the exhibitors are the actual handicraft makers, allowing these entrepreneurs to promote their crafts directly. Products are usually divided into several categories, including metalwork, forest-based work and textiles.

Other events have been added through the years, such as Craft Appreciation Sessions, workshops, and the immensely popular craft demonstrations. These give the public a chance to glimpse master craftsmen at work as they produce spectacular items. Traditional games and local dances and artistic displays round up the schedule of events for the National Craft Day.