Redang Island

A jewel of the sea, Redang Island is one of Malaysia's top island destinations, offering beautiful coral reefs, pure white sand and the experience of a lifetime.

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Redang Island is an archipelago of nine islands off the east coast of Malaysia. The nine islands are home to an abundance of wildlife, especially marine life, and were designated as a marine park. The marine park centre is located at Pinang Island, just off the southern tip of Redang Island. The centre itself is one of Redang's most popular snorkelling destinations, being home to a variety of marine life, including moray eels and giant groupers.

Redang Island's crystal clear waters are by large its greatest appeal. Giant sea turtles, along with thousands of species of tropical fish, play in the shallow waters of the beaches, often coming within a few feet of the shoreline. This, coupled with the large stretches of coral reef just beneath the surface of the unbelievably clear water, makes scuba diving or snorkeling at Redang Island an amazing experience.

The island itself is blessed with pure white sandy beaches, some in expansive secluded bays. Luxury resorts on the island complement the natural beauty with tastefully built accommodation that turns this beautiful place into a tropical island paradise. Exploring the island is a pleasant experience, with many trails that lead through lush forests to scenic points of the island, allowing visitors to discover the natural beauty of this lovely place.

Redang Island has welcomed visitors of another sort for centuries, long before its beauty became known to humanity. Its secluded beaches make perfect nesting sites for sea turtles, which make their way to the island to lay their eggs before returning to the sea. Three different species of turtles nest at several beaches of Redang Island at different times of the year, usually between March and September. A research unit dedicated to sea turtle research, SEATRU, conducts studies at a prime nesting site on Redang Island, Chagar Hutang, which was declared a turtle sanctuary in 2005.

Redang Island's fame skyrocketted after it was featured in a Chinese romantic comedy entitled Summer Holiday in 2000. Scenes of the ficticious Mo Mo Cha Inn, a quaint pastel pink and blue inn framed by green trees on an expanse of white sand captured the imagination of moviegoers in the Far East. Many fans flocked to the island in the years that followed, enamoured by the island's beauty and eager to catch a glimpse of the dreamy inn by the seashore. A replica of the famous inn was built after the original structure fell into disrepair. The building now serves as a gift shop for Laguna Resort.

Monsoon Season

The weather around the island is affected by the north east monsoon season between November and early March every year, bringing heavy rains, strong winds and rough seas. Diving activities are not encouraged during the monsoon season as visibility is very low. Frequent rain showers and generally wet conditions are to be expected during this season. Boat transfers may be affected by choppy seas due to the weather conditions.

Redang Island is located off the coast of Terengganu, in the South China Sea. It is accesible by air and by boat.

Air Service

Redang Airport, located at the southern tip of Redang Island offers flights to Kuala Lumpur and Singapore from the island via Berjaya Air.

Ferry Service

Public ferry service is offered to two destinations, Shahbandar Jetty in Kuala Terengganu and Merang Jetty, about 40 minutes away from Kuala Terengganu daily. Resorts in Pulau Redang also operate ferries between the island and the two jetties.