Getting around in Malaysia may seem like a big expensive task; but you can save time and money by following a few simple words of advice!

  • It's best to negotiate a price for a taxi ride before entering a cab, rather than relying on the meter. If you are uncertain about how much a particular ride should cost, ask a hotel concierge or airport staff member.
  • Taxi tickets for pre-arranged destinations may have to be purchased from some major transport hubs (like KLCC), meaning you can't get a taxi without one. Purchase the ticket at a stall, and then bring it to the corresponding taxi service outside.
  • Many hotels offer shuttle service, especially those nearby airports. Ask about such services while booking hotels, and if their cost is included in the room charge.
  • The KLIA Ekspres can take passengers from the airport to downtown KL much more quickly and cheaply than taxis or buses. Multiple transit options are available from the Ekpres' destination, KL Sentral.
  • Malaysian domestic flights are extremely low-priced by western standards. Catching a flight from one region of Malaysia to another may prove to be both faster and cheaper than taking buses or taxis. Check flights well in advance to find the best bargains.


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