Sitting almost directly on the equator, weather in Malaysia is typically balmy and sunny, with stable temperatures ranging between 22 and 32 degrees Celsius throughout the year. It can be slightly cooler in the hill country. (Rainfall is common throughout the year, averaging 80-100 inches a year.)

Kuala Lumpur, (Max temp in °F, rainfall in mm)
Kuala Lumpur Temperature Kuala Lumpur Rainfall

Penang, (Max temp in °F, rainfall in mm)
Penang Temperature Penang Rainfall

Malacca, (Max temp in °F, rainfall in mm)
Malacca Temperature Malacca Rainfall

Monsoon Season

Visitors should be aware of monsoon seasons, which bring heavy rains to the eastern coast of Peninsular Malaysia between November and March, and to the west coast of the peninsula between May and September.


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