Penang Food

Penang Food

With so many types of food to choose from when dining out in Penang, it's no wonder that folks keep coming back for more!



Along the busy streets of Penang, it is normal to see hawker stalls set up by the side of the road, peddling their wares. It could be just as simple as selling ice cold drinks to a thirsty traveler or fried banana fritters for an evening snack. Food from hawker stalls is a favourite among the locals here in Penang. Some of the famous hawker food sites in Penang like Love Lane and Gurney Drive have become favourite haunts for locals and tourists alike. The wide variety of local delicacies that the hawker stalls offer is bound to satisfy their customers' cravings and keep them wanting for more. It is no wonder why Penang is regarded as the hawker food capital of Malaysia.

Another famous specialty of Penang are its Chinese seafood restaurants. These restaurants offer a variety of Chinese dishes typically served with rice and are the preferred choice for families dining out. A typical spread ordered by a family normally consists of at least three different dishes, often a mixture of meat and vegetables dishes. Some of these restaurants also specialise in seafood dishes like crab, prawn and shellfish along with the normal meat and vegetables fare. The more famous eateries are located at Teluk Bahang and Gurney Drive on the island, as well as the almost legendary Bukit Tambun on the mainland.

Restaurants offering vegetarian food are also fast gaining popularity in Penang as more and more people opt to go on this diet for health reasons as well as personal religious beliefs. Majority of the locals often go on a vegetarian diet during Chinese religious festivals, like the Nine Emperor Gods Festival. In addition to the many regular vegetarian eateries, makeshift stalls are set up along roadsides, offering not only delicious vegetarian dishes but also savouries like vegetarian meat pies, biscuits and even burgers for sale to devotees and curious onlookers.

Who would have guessed that in a place where there is an abundance of hawker fare, hotel food, particularly hotel buffets, would also be a hit among the people here? It is not unusual to see many families dining at hotels on a regular basis, especially during special occasions. Restaurants in hotels like E & O Hotel and City Bayview Hotel offering all you can eat buffets are often full during the weekends. It certainly goes to show how Penangites developed a reputation for enjoying good food, no matter what the expense.