Penang Outdoors and Beaches

Penang Outdoors and Beaches

The great outdoors awaits nature lovers who are holidaying in Penang.



Penang is home to a variety of attractions, transforming the state into one of the most famous destinations in Malaysia. Visitors seeking to enrich their cultural knowledge can explore Georgetown and soak up the state's vibrant heritage. For those who need their daily dose of action from the big city, there are shopping malls where they can shop and during the evening, Georgetown's nightlife offers a myriad of entertainment options for those looking to party the night away.

Nature lovers will not feel left out when they visit Penang. Though the state may seem small compared to other states in Malaysia, Penang does have a few secrets up its sleeve for outdoor enthusiasts. One such place is the Penang National Park. This park was gazetted as a natural park in 2003 and is the smallest national park in Malaysia. There are many trails and walkways for hikers to explore. Being the smallest park in the country does not mean that it is unknown. On the contrary, many tourists visit this park for its pristine beaches all year round, especially during summer season. Its uniqueness is also a major part of its appeal as it is home to a group of ecosystems not found in any other national park in Malaysia, including a meromictic lake as well as wetlands and mangroves.

If exploring through wetlands and mangroves is not your cup of tea, Penang Hill offers a comfortable yet challenging hike for hikers of all expertise. There are many trails leading up to Penang Hill from different locations like the Botanical Gardens, the Moongate and Penang Municipal Park. Hiking up to Penang Hill can prove to be quite challenging as the trails are mostly laterite and can be quite slippery when wet. Though there have been stories of hikers getting lost along the way, many still come for a quick hike in the morning and evenings.

Undoubtedly, most visitors will definitely want to hit the white sandy beaches along Batu Feringghi. Whether it is for soaking up the sun's rays or to swim like a fish in the blue, blue sea, outdoor lovers are sure to enjoy what the beaches of Penang has to offer.