Penang Shopping

Penang Shopping

Experience a different kind of thrill as you go on a shopping spree in Penang.



Many shopping enthusiasts agree that shopping sprees in Penang are distinctively different from those in Kuala Lumpur. Though one will still end up with bags and bags of goodies, it is what's inside those bags that makes all the difference. Do not be surprised to see loads of boxes of biscuits or packets of preserved fruits of a multitude of colours inside those shopping bags.

One of the best places to shop is Chowrasta. This area was the first commercial area in Georgetown. Walking down the street, one can see the various things that are being sold. T-shirts bearing well-known landmarks in Penang, keychains and fridge magnets depicting familiar scenes in Penang and Malaysia seems to be the dominant items on sale. Further down are two stalls selling cendol, a local dessert, often packed with customers especially on a hot day. Other common items include bottles of medicated oil, nutmeg oil and ointments neatly arranged into pyramids as well as containers full of preserved fruits like papaya and mango.

Traditional biscuits are also another item which are a hit with locals and tourists alike. These biscuits are so in demand that it is common to see visitors leaving the shops with boxes of these goodies. Though these biscuits can be bought from most of the shops in Penang, there are those who prefer to buy them fresh from the manufacturer. One famous traditional biscuit shop called Him Heang only produces a certain number of these biscuits daily for sale to their customers to ensure freshness.

Tucked into little corners all around Georgetown are shops which sell traditional handmade items like rattan products and incense sticks. These shops are becoming relics of the past as most of the skills involved in producing these items are being replaced with modern technology. Makers of items like spring roll wrappings are a rarity these days, and watching them at work is like watching history come alive.

Anyone who has visited the Kek Lok Si Temple will definitely remember the twisting steps all the way up to the peak. Everyone knows that uphill climbs can be as exciting as watching a snail move, but thanks to the ingenuity of the traders who have set up shop along the path to the peak, visitors to Kek Lok Si Temple have something to see on their way up. Bric-a-bracs like children's toys, rubber snakes, fridge magnets, pajamas with cute cartoon characters and crystals are some of the items that can be bought there. Most importantly, these items also makes the uphill climb seem easy and effortless, thanks to the constant halts to browse the items on display. Another interesting place to visit for bargain hunters is the night market along Batu Ferringhi. These stalls appear as soon as evening comes and offers all sorts of collectibles and souvenir items for sale. There are also stalls selling beautiful dresses and paintings, shoes and even ice-cream all along the night market.