Port Dickson

Port Dickson

Malaysia's famous beach resort town, Port Dickson, offers a weekend away from the bustle of city living.

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Port Dickson is, without a doubt, one of Malaysia's busiest resort towns. Blessed with long stretches of beaches, this otherwise everyday town becomes a bustle of activity every weekend, when throngs of visitors, mostly local, descend upon it for some fun in the sun. Its close proximity to major urban centres like Kuala Lumpur, Seremban and Malacca ensures that Port Dickson remains the number one weekend beach destination in the southern region of Malaysia.

Port Dickson was supposedly named after an Englishman named Dickson, although local folklore cannot agree on who exactly Dickson was. One thing is certain, though: the town grew from an obscure settlement into a successful trading town during the British colonial era. Being an important port, it necessitated the construction of a railway line, one of the earliest in the country. This development, however, did not come at the expense of the beachfront, which continued to gain prominence as a seaside destination as time passed by.

Efforts have been made in recent times to diversify Port Dickson's appeal by adding several other tourist attractions, including a museum, an ostrich farm and a mini zoo. Yet, the 18 kilometre beachfront stretch still remains this town's major attraction and the numerous hotels and service apartments that line sections of the beachfront are a testament to the lasting appeal of Port Dickson's beaches.

Port Dickson does not have an airport and is accessible only by road as rail service to the town was discontinued some time ago.

Bus service

Most bus services offer journeys between Seremban and the Port Dickson Bus Terminal.

Being chiefly a beach destination, Port Dickson has a variety of beachfronts to offer along its 18 kilometre stretch. In addition, there are several other tourist attractions that might appeal to visitors besides the sun and the sea.


With an 18 kilometre stretch of white sandy beach, Port Dickson is a tough act to follow. Visitors are able to choose their favourite spot at leisure and according to their preference. Water sports, including jet skiing and boating, are offered at certain parts of the stretch. One particularly beautiful stretch of beach is known as the Blue Lagoon, a beautiful bay of enchantingly blue sea.

Cape Rachado Lighthouse

Atop the very tip of Tanjung Tuan lies a majestic lighthouse known as Cape Rachado Lighthouse. Reputed to be the oldest lighthouse in the country, it has a storied past, allegedly being built by the Portuguese after their conquest of Malacca in the 16th century.

Army Museum

Boasting an impressive collection of military exhibits, the Army Museum at Port Dickson is quite an attraction for military buffs. The museum showcases the Malaysian army and its exploits throughout the years with vivid dioramas built to painstaking detail.

Lukut Museum

Just on the outskirts of Port Dickson lies the ruins of Kota Lukut, a local fort on a hill. It used to be the stronghold of an influential local warrior who oversaw the booming mining trade of the area, but now only a few scant remains can be seen at the site. A museum, Lukut Museum, is built at the foot of the hill, and showcases exhibits of Lukut's golden era, illustrating the importance of tin mining to this region.