Sarawak Cultural Village

Sarawak Cultural Village

Located at the foot of Mt. Santubong about 35 km north of Kuching you will find the Sarawak Cultural Village; get a taste of authentic Malaysian traditions!

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Most people will get to know the village when it hosts the Rainforest World Music Festival every July or August, but the village is open to visitors all year long.

The village was built to showcase the traditions and lifestyle of all the ethnic groups (Bidayuh, Chinese, Iban, Malays, Melanau, Orang Ulu and Penan) in Sarawak. Every group has a typical house on the 14 acre area which is run by people from this group. There, they explain and demonstrate different traditions like dances, music and handicrafts to visitors.

For RM30/RM60 (child/adult) admission you can spend a whole day in the village. The highlight of every visit is certainly the cultural show which is held twice a day (11:30am/4pm). At these 45 minute shows you will be introduced to different dances and music performed in traditional clothing and costumes.

If you want you can stay in the village overnight, too. Every house offers authentic accommodation. There are different options available ranging from dormitory beds to private rooms. Check with the park management for rates and availability.

In various workshops visitors are encouraged to learn some of the traditions. The blowpipe workshop is lots of fun, and you never know when these kind of skills will come in handy! There are also workshops for traditional dances and music, as well as fun games offered daily, like the popular treasure hunt and the underrated coconut bowling.

Sarawak Cultural Village is a great destination for families, as it offers a hands-on experience of Sarawak. If you are just on a short vacation visiting the village is a good way of getting a general overview of Sarawak's culture and traditions.