Sarawak Longhouse Tour: Jungle Escapade (4D/3N)

Sarawak Longhouse Tour: Jungle Escapade (4D/3N)

Experience tribal life in Sarawak as you trek with the natives through the jungles of Sarawak!


This package brings you deep into the jungles of Sarawak for the excursion of a lifetime. Live with the Iban along the Engkari River and discover how their lifestyle has remained simple and relatively untouched by the fast and frantic pace of human development. Then journey through the jungles of Batang Ai National Park in search of the enigmatic Borneo man, the Orang Utan!

Day 1: Kuching to Spaya Longhouse, Engkari River

Your adventure begins with a drive from Kuching towards the interior of Sarawak, through a land almost entirely untouched by urban development. The tropical rainforest countryside is interspersed with agriculture: paddy fields, pepper gardens and rubber plantations. Your trip to Spaya Longhouse includes a stop at a farmers' market in Serian and a visit to a pepper garden. Lunch will be a simple introduction to local cuisine at Lanchau along the way.

A longboat awaits you at the Batang Ai jetty, where you are taken across the beautiful Batang Ai Hydro Lake and up the Engkari River, one of the many tributaries that sustain the lake. The hour and a half long cruise will take you to Spaya Longhouse which lies just beside the river. Freshen up at the guesthouse or take a swim in the cool river before settling down for a lovely dinner featuring fresh jungle produce. Then get better acquainted with the natives and see how an entire village dwells under one single roof. An evening of tribal entertainment is laid out for your enjoyment, including traditional dance, music and games. Be sure to join in the reverie and toast the night away with a glass of tuak, a local rice wine, with the longhouse chief!

Day 2: In Batang Ai National Park

Bid goodbye to Spaya Longhouse after breakfast as you take a boat ride heading towards Batang Ai National Park to begin your trek deep into the heart of Borneo. Accompanied by experienced Iban trekkers, this trek will span three days and take you through various types of terrain along mountainous regions near the Indonesian border. If you are lucky, you might encounter the enigmatic Orang Utan as the area is home to a large population of them. At the end of the day, rest your weary limbs in either tends or makeshift shelthers made from leaves and branches.

Day 3: In Batang Ai National Park

Wake up surrounded by nature as you begin your second day of your trek. The second day will focus on the hills around the national park, home to an amazing variety of wildlife and plants. Be on the lookout for the Orang Utan and savour the chance to see this magnificient creature in its natural habitat. Spend the night in the wilds of Borneo and enjoy the sounds of nature as you drift to sleep.

Day 4: Departing Batang Ai National Park

After a hearty breakfast, you make your way to the riverbank, where a boat awaits to take you downriver across the lake to the jetty. Your wonderful experience ends with a drive back to Kuching at the hotel of your choice.

Serian farmers' market

Iban longhouse

Iban culture

Batang Ai Lake

Batang Ai National Park

Nature Trekking

Orang Utan

Things to wear/bring: Good trekking shoes, light clothing, insect repellents, sun-protection cream, hat or cap, sleeping bag, socks for leeches, malaria pills, compass, torch lights, water bottle, raincoat, travelling insurance, personal toiletries, small multi-purpose knife, waterproof bag for clothing.

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It was a wonderful experience
- Julia Johnson, United States