Sarawak Longhouse Tour: Lemanak River/Hilton (3D/2N)

Sarawak Longhouse Tour: Lemanak River/Hilton (3D/2N)

Go native and experience Sarawakian tribal life and relax in the luxurious comfort of Hilton's lakeside getaway!


This package offers you the best of both worlds – the chance to experience life with the indigenous Iban tribe deep in the interior of Sarawak and a rejuvenating stay at Hilton's unique tropical lake resort. Take a break from the fast and frantic pace of modern life and discover the simple pleasures of life!

Day 1: Kuching to Lemanak River

Your adventure begins with a drive from Kuching towards the interior of Sarawak, through a land almost entirely untouched by urban development. The tropical rainforest countryside is interspersed with agriculture: paddy fields, pepper gardens and rubber plantations. Your trip to Lemanak River includes a stop at a farmers' market in Serian and a visit to a pepper garden. Lunch will be a simple introduction to local cuisine at a roadside bazaar along the way.

A longboat ride awaits you upon your arrival at Lemanak jetty in the afternoon. Cruise along the river and admire the scenery as you wind your way to your destination, the Iban longhouses of either Serubah or Nanga Kesit. Freshen up at the guesthouse and settle down for a lovely dinner featuring fresh jungle produce. Then get better acquainted with the natives and see how an entire village dwells under one single roof. An evening of tribal entertainment is laid out for your enjoyment, including traditional dance, music and games. Be sure to join in the reverie and toast the night away with a glass of tuak, a local rice wine, with the longhouse chief!

Day 2: Lemanak River to Batang Ai Longhouse Resort

Wake up among the Iban by the banks of Lemanak River. Watch an interesting and unique demonstration of a traditional Iban weapon, the blowpipe, then try your hand at it! Then you are off for a walk through the forest with Iban trackers dressed in their traditional gear to learn about the traditional uses of rainforest plants in Iban culture. This is followed by a longboat ride upstream to a tree-lined jungle pool for lunch, prepared in traditional Iban style – steamed in freshly cut bamboo tubes over an open fire. Feel free to go for a dip in the pool after lunch.

Prepare for a unique boating experience as you meander your way back in the traditional way, propelled by long poles. Bid goodbye to the Iban as you return down river and head towards the Batang Ai jetty, where you are taken across the beautiful Batang Ai Hydro Lake to your destination, the Hilton Batang Ai Longhouse Resort. Unwind and end your day by relaxing at this unique resort.

Day 3: Depart Batang Ai Longhouse Resort

Start your day with a wonderful breakfast as you enjoy the view of the lake from the resort. The mists that occasionally shroud the lake in the morning is quite a breathtaking sight. Pamper yourself at the resort till it is time to return to Kuching just before noon.

Serian farmers' market

Iban longhouse

Iban culture

Blowpipe demonstration

Batang Ai Lake

Batang Ai Longhouse Resort

Accomodation at the Iban longhouse is of a basic dormitory style with mosquito netting.

There is no fan or hot shower facilities as the longhouses in the interior are still powered by generator.

The guesthouses are maintained and owned by the people of the longhouse

White sheets for the beds, towels and soap will be provided.

It is customary to bring along some gifts, like foodstuff, cigarettes, fruits and drinks, when one pays a visit to the longhouse. These gifts are usually presented to the headman who will distribute these items amongst his community.

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We have just arrived back from our trip. We just wanted to thank you for your excellent organisation of our trip to Malaysia. We had a wonderful time and everything went smoothly.
- J. & L. Say and Carol Turner