Sarawak Longhouse Tour: Rafting Escapade (4D/3N)

Sarawak Longhouse Tour: Rafting Escapade (4D/3N)

Build your very own raft and navigate the rivers of Sarawak with the Iban people.


This package promises the experience of a lifetime! Get acquainted with two different indigenous Iban tribes deep in the interior of Sarawak and discover how their lifestyle has remained simple and relatively untouched by the fast and frantic pace of human development. Make your own raft and head downriver on an adventure you will never forget!

Day 1: Kuching to Ugat Longhouse

Your journey begins with a four hour drive to Batang Ai Dam at Lubok Antu from Kuching. Enjoy the scenic view of the lake during your hour long boatride upstream to your destination, the Iban Longhouse of Ugat.

Freshen up at the guesthouse and settle down for a lovely dinner featuring fresh jungle produce. Then get better acquainted with the natives and see how an entire village dwells under one single roof. An evening of tribal entertainment is laid out for your enjoyment, including traditional dance, music and games. Be sure to join in the reverie and toast the night away with a glass of tuak, a local rice wine, with the longhouse chief!

Day 2: Ugat Longhouse to Lubok Pantau Longhouse

An exciting journey upriver awaits you after breakfast as you head by longboat to the remote Lubok Pantau Longhouse. The boatride will be eventful as the boatman may have to frequently 'shoot the rapids' as you go further upriver. You might even need to do your part by helping to push the boat if the water level is too low during the dry season. Lunch will be a traditional Iban affair by the riverbank.

Freshen up after your arrival at the Lubok Pantau Longhouse in the afternoon. Immerse yourself in local culture and experience traditional tribal life before turning in for the night.

Day 3: Rafting from Lubok Pantau Longhouse

Be prepared to sweat it out as you build your traditional Iban raft after breakfast. Made from timber and bamboo lashed together with jungle creepers, the raft will be your mode of transport downriver towards Ugat Longhouse, guided by experienced Iban raftsmen.

Enjoy the quiet atmosphere and the natural beauty as you make your way along the river. Stop by the riverbank for dinner and wind down for the night in tents or traditional makeshift shelters.

Day 4: Ugat Longhouse to Kuching

Continue your journey towards Ugat Longhouse after a simple breakfast by the riverbank. A longboat will be waiting to take you back to Batang Ai jetty after your arrival at the longhouse. Your amazing adventure comes to an end upon your arrival in Kuching in the afternoon.

Serian farmers' market

Iban longhouse

Iban culture

Batang Ai Lake

Traditional raft making

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We have just arrived back from our trip. We just wanted to thank you for your excellent organisation of our trip to Malaysia. We had a wonderful time and everything went smoothly.
- J. & L. Say and Carol Turner